Classes & Teachers in Bedford

Bedford Early Dance and Music (Class)

Dance Speciality: Italian Renaissance, Elizabethan & Stuart Dance & Regency

Day 1: A Season of Regency Dancing: on Saturdays 18/2/17 2-6 pm; 18/3/17 2-6 pm; 8/4/17 2-6 pm (See Early Dance Calendar for full details) | Renaissance Dance Day Course Saturday 6/5/17 10-5 pm (See Early Dance Calendar for full details)

Contact Name: David Parsons

Telephone Number: (44) 1234 853637

35 Haycroft
MK43 9BP

Website Address:

Dance Specialities:

Anne Daye (Teacher)

Dance Speciality: Renaissance, Playford, Regency -- both practice and theory

Contact Name: Anne Daye, Director of Education & Research HDS (formerly the Dolmetsch Historical Dance Society)

Telephone Number: 01234 214103

Email Address:

96 Dover Crescent
MK41 9QH

Hazel Dennison (Teacher)

Dance Speciality: c1400 on, specialising in Italian Renaissance, Tudor, Elizabethan & Jacobean, French Burgundian & Arbeau

Day 1: Hazel teaches workshops and classes independently and with DHDS and Bedford Early Dance. She links dance to dramatic and theatrical practice. |

Contact Name: Hazel Dennison

Telephone Number: 01234 401863

Mobile Number: 07961 018074

Email Address:

2 Greenshields Road
MK4 03TT