EDC Events

The EDC organise several community events each year:

Table of Upcoming Events

Our Annual Lecture

We host a popular dance history lecture each year. An archive of information on our previous lectures can be found here. What follows are details of the next Lecture that we have planned.

Dance 2EDC Annual Lecture 2019

Best foot forward – Georgian Style: Waltzing through History

Friday 1st March 2019   7.15 p.m. Swedenborg Hall, Swedenborg House, 20 Bloomsbury Way, London WC1A 2TH

Our speaker, social historian Mike Rendell, will look at dance in the Georgian era from a social history point of view – its importance, what it was like to go to Bath, to the Pantheon, to Almacks, what people wore, how they travelled, the role of the Master of Ceremonies, the growth of Masquerades – and finally some press reaction to the introduction of that grossly immoral and shocking dance, the waltz.

Mike Rendell is custodian of a vast array of family papers dating back to the early 1700’s. After he retired, he published The Journal of a Georgian Gentleman: The Life and Times of Richard Hall 1729-1801 (2011) about his Georgian ancestor. Currently working on no fewer than three books, Mike is known to 18th Century enthusiasts through his highly varied blogs on life in the Georgian period. He speaks regularly in the UK and abroad.

For further information or to reserve your free place, please contact the EDC Secretary: secretary@earlydancecircle.co.uk or 020 8699 8519

 A suggested donation is £5.00

EDC Annual Lecture 2018

The Continual Triumph of Apollo: Nijinsky’s Sarabande and Ballets Russes Baroque with MILLICENT HODSON (choreographer/dance historian) & KENNETH ARCHER (scenic consultant and art historian).
This Lecture was held on Friday 23 February 2018, 7.15 for 7:30 pm, Sands Studio Rotherhithe. For details, see Past EDC Annual Lectures.

Our Biennial Conference

The EDC hosts a major dance history conference every two years. Proceedings are published and an archive of information on our previous conferences can be found here.


Friday 18th to Sunday 20th May 2018 at St Katharine’s, Parmoor, Frieth, Bucks. RG9 6NN (near High Wycombe).


Perception and reception are intimately related. We can know, or guess at, the participants’ intentions at the time of creation, and the work’s reception by various audiences. However, both perception and reception of a dance or a dance style will differ over time. This conference aimed to explore these aspects of early dance including how it is perceived/received today.

Theresa Buckland spoke about Dancing the Past for the Future: Early Dance as Cultural Heritage.

Edith Lalonger offered two lectures, both linked to her ongoing work on Rameau and his reception in his own time and today.

This year’s Conference has finished and work is now underway on its Proceedings, to be published soon.

 Our Annual Early Dance Festival

We host a community focused dance history festival each year; enthusiasts and professionals from across our community perform for each other’s pleasure. A list of our previous festivals can be found here. What follows are details of our most recent Festival. Next year the 36th Annual Early Dance Festival will take place in Edinburgh.  ADVANCE FLYER

EDC Annual Festival 2018

The 36th Annual Festival, Norwich

Norwich High School for Girls

Friday 26th to Sunday 28th October 2018

Norwich Historical Dance

Norwich High School for Girls, 95 Newmarket Rd, Norwich NR2 2HU.

A DVD and Highlights Video of the 2018 Festival will be available as soon as possible.

NOTE: the pictures from the EDC Festival for 2017 are in our Gallery now. See Video Highlights at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAZ2uVMWsEI&t=11s 

Special Events

We host other events from time to time. These can include workshops, study days and additional lectures, as the opportunities arise. Many such projects are undertaken in collaboration with another organisation, do get in touch with us if you have a joint project in mind. An archive of information on our previous special events can be found here. What follows are details of our most recent Special Events.

22-25 February 2019

The EDC will collaborate again with Barry Grantham and Bill Tuck’s Third! Mini Commedia Festival at the Sands Film Studios, 82 St Marychurch St., London SE16 4HZ.

Our aim is to bring the dynamism of Commedia to a wider public, of all ages, through performances, workshops, lectures and a special Children’s Harlequin Day.

See more general information Commedia Festival 2019.

Information about the Workshop on the Elizabethan Jig can be found Workshop on the Elizabethan Jig.


Robert Huggett’s Renaissance Footnotes visits Eastbourne International Folk Festival 2018

4-7 May 2018
Eastbourne International Folk Festival

IMG_0281The Early Dance Circle sponsored a group of early musicians to accompany Renaissance Footnotes to  Eastbourne as a way to reach out again to fellow dancers who might not know about the EDC and the historical roots of traditional dancing. On this visit, 15th century dance was the focus, with all its variety from the grand to the downright playful.

We sent information about the  dances of various periods, where to find classes and the timing and  the  location of upcoming events. The classes and performances were well attended and considerable interest was shown.