Past Special EDC Events

Table of Special Events

Renaissance Footnotes take the EDC to audiences in the Czech Republic

June 16-22 

21. MFF, Fry¦üdek-Mi¦üstek 2015 (262)4 musicians from Passamezzo and 10 dancers from Renaissance Footnotes brought early dance to thousands of festival-goers. With the help of EDC, they attended the Frydek-Mistek 21st International Folk Festival, part of the annual programme of Unesco Partner, CIOFF (the International Council of Organizations of Folklore Festivals and Folk Arts). 

Many European dance festivals draw huge crowds and this was no exception.

The Early Dance Circle helped sponsor the venture, with 580 participants danced their way through 35 timetabled events, including 26 concerts/performances over what must have been an exhilarating, if exhausting, week. Everyone attending received one of our fliers.

Robert Huggett taught Sellenger’s Round, Pease Bransle and Queen’s Almain to classes of 100 at a time, reaching out to many who had never before heard of early dance. His group danced at a concert for schools that played to 1000 and their 3 performances in the main town square were attended by 1000 to 2000 appreciative spectators. Oh, what we would give for such enthusiasm in the UK!

The leader of one of the groups will be attending classes with Renaissance Footnotes in the UK next year and others too showed a keen interest in how to research early dances. Our thanks to Robert and his group, as well as to Passamezzo, for taking part and for publicising the work of the Early Dance Circle and early dance itself among both dancers taking part and the large audiences who so much enjoyed their performances.

Barbara Segal’s Contretemps visits Eastbourne International Folk Festival

1-4 May 2015
28th Eastbourne International Folk Festival

Contretemps at Eastbourne

Contretemps at Eastbourne


The Early Dance Circle sponsored Contretemps’ appearance at  Eastbourne as a way to reach out to fellow dancers who might not know  about our  website and what  we do. We took information about the  dances of various periods, where to find classes and the timing and  the  location of upcoming events. Our visit was very well received indeed.

See here for details.



 A Special London Dance Class with Catherine Turocy, Artistic Director of the New York Baroque Dance Company

15th December 2012
The Place, London
A Dance Workshop on the “Baroque Body” and “Le Mouvement”

Dancing to the Lute: a day of talks, demonstrations and participation

21st November 2009
The Early Dance Circle in collaboration with the Lute Society
The Dutch Church, London

Step Stately: a Measure in Time — A Concert at the Commonwealth Institute, Kensington, London

10th November 1990
An Early Dance Show in period dress, with music on period instruments and words from period texts.
Forty dances were performed by a troupe of 70 dancers, drawn from 13 dance groups, with 21 musicians.

Big Dance Week – participation in London and across the UK in collaboration with the Dolmetsch Historical Dance Society.

7-15th July 2012
Harlequins at Big Dance 2012 A week of free evening classes and demonstrations culminated in a Grand Concert  and  Regency  Dance at Charlton House, Greenwich, London, who helped sponsor  the event  by donating the venue. Once again, groups all over the  UK developed and  ran their own  programmes during Big Dance Week.






3-11th July 2010 & 5-13th July 2008

Collaboration with Big Dance and the Arts Council allowed us to raise the profile of early dance at a number of events across London and the country.