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DVDs of Early Dance Circle Festivals

If you missed a Festival or simply want to enjoy watching a range of period dances (generally 15th to 19th century) in beautiful costumes, many records of performance are available to purchase.

Price – £10.00; P&P on application

The Giorgio Manuscript c1517

transc. & transl. Diana Cruickshank


This manuscript is one of a small group of original sources documenting 15th century court dance in Italy. Its script has made it difficult to access.

Price – £12.50; P&P on application

Sources for Early Renaissance Dance c1445 – c1535: a brief guide

by David Wilson (2003) (paperback, 40 pages)

ISBN 0-9513640-7-3 [Also available via Amazon]

This booklet offers brief guidance to 25 handwritten or printed sources giving technical information about dancing in Western Europe during the Early Renaissance. These sources are held in libraries and collections in Belgium, England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United States. Their texts are in Castilian, Catalan, English, French, German, Italian and macaronic Latin. For each document there are systematic notes on its location, character, date, contents and on the principal relevant publications.

Price – £3.50; P&P on application

101 Italian Dances (c1450 – c1510): a critical translation

by David Wilson (1999) (wirebound paperback, iv + 190 pages)

ISBN 0-9513640-4-9 [Also available via Amazon]

Are you fascinated by Italian 15th-century dancing? – but baffled by Italian 15th-century language? If so, this book is for you.

All the dances are here, translated into English, with account taken of the more significant variants found in the 12 available texts and with commentary on the knotty points. The music, however, is not included.

The sources are evaluated not only as a literary tradition, but also as a performing tradition. In other words, if the text does not make sense in terms of movement on the floor, something must be wrong either in the original text or (of course) in the translation. The areas of difficulty are noted and possible explanations are offered.

Price – £19; P&P on application

Domenico of Piacenza (Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale, MS ital. 972), transcribed and edited, with an introduction, by D. R. Wilson

ISBN 0-9513640-9-X [Also available via Amazon]

Sources for Early Dance: Series 1, Fifteenth-Century Italy, 1 (1988)

Domenico’s treatise transcribed (comb-bound paperback, iv + 54 pages), including the dance-descriptions (18 balli with their tunes and 5 basse danze).

The text is given in a modern typeface, but otherwise in a form that is as near to the original as can be conveniently obtained. Abbreviations are expanded, but spelling, word-division and line-division are as in the original. Different scribal hands are distinguished, and scribal corrections are fully documented.

Price – £6.00; P&P on application

The Steps used in Court Dancing in Fifteenth-century Italy

by David Wilson – 3rd revised & enlarged edition (2003)  (wirebound paperback, 66 pages)

ISBN 0-9519307-3-7 [Also available via Amazon]

A comprehensive review of the evidence for the form and content of twenty- one main steps and recognised step-sequences, through analysis of the dance-descriptions appended to surviving copies of the treatises.

Price – £10; P&P on application

The Arbeau Branles (and some Branles Coupés)

ISBN 978-0-9523924-3-9

As originally printed in Early Dance I and IV by Peggy Dixon, full instructions for 20 dances with tunes for each, newly ed. Junella McKay, with an accompanying enhanced CD containing the audio tracks along with two short videos.

Price – £12.50; P&P on application

The History of Blind Dance 1986-2002

by Junella McKay (175 pages)

ISBN 978-0-9523924-4-6

The story of the evolution of a disciplined performing troupe of partnered dancers, one sight and one visually impaired. with an accompanying DVD. .

Price: £17.95; P&P on application

Dances for a Princess, humbly dedicated (with permission) to the Princess Royal by Her Royal Highnesses Most Obedient Servant Ignatius Sancho

By Ignatius Sancho, 191 pp; ed. & intro. by S. Petchey (64 pp).  22 dances & facs. of their music and two more pieces. A recording of these dances is available from Green Ginger at https://greengingerband.co.uk. ISBN: 978-1-5272-3701-8.

Price: £18.00; P&P on application

Ignatius Sancho, Twelve English Country Dances written by an erstwhile slave (1779)

Facs. Set for the Harpsichord. (London: Thompson, 2014) Interpreted by V Webster, illus. D Durant, research S Petchey & P Cooper.

Price – £10.00; P&P on application

Historical Playford: The English Dancing Master (1651)

The dances are interpreted in the manner of 1601: edited by D. R. Wilson, 2001
(comb-bound paperback, iv + 54 pages)

ISBN 0-9519307-2-9 [Also available via Amazon]

This presents the original text for each dance, with abbreviations extended, and editorial comment to aid practical reconstruction. Many of the dances had been in use since the 1570s, and so are given here in late 16th and early 17th century style.

Price – £8; P&P on application

A Book of Paine’s Quadrilles

ISBN 978-0-9553532-1-5; ISMN 979-0-9002149-0-4 [Also available via Amazon]

Music Notation by Meryl Thomson
Dance Instructions by Ellis Rogers   (Book on computer CD). This disk contains PDF images of thirteen Sets of Paine’s Quadrilles. Both the music and accompanying instructions are given in their original format and in ready to play version with dances instructions fully interpreted.

Price – £8; P&P on application

Music by RegencyDances.org

A new selection of music for Regency dancing, published in partnership with the EDC. A selection was heard on the BBC Poldark Series and the CDs are available to purchase on CDBaby.com, full details via the links below:

Twelve Cotillions by Giovanni Gallini, 1770

Country Dances by Thomas Skillern, 1781

Country Dances by Thomas Wilson, 1809-1819

Three Quadrilles by Thomas Wilson, 1817

Country Dances by Thomas Straight, 1779-1784

Twelve Cotillions by James Longman, 1768

or www.RegencyDances.org/music.php