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NEW Retrieving & Reconstructing the Past through Dance

Proceedings of the EDC Biennial Conference in May 2022 at St Katharine’s, Frieth (Work in Progress, not yet available)

Bill Tuck Introduction
Paul Cooper Dances and Dancers, prestigious London balls c.1800-1820,
Petra Dotlacilova Retrieving Dance of the Past through Costume,
Barbara Segal Country Dance as Reification of the Pastoral Idyll,
Hazel Dennison Canario Siciliana or The Diplomatic Dancing Master,
Matthew Spring Dancing Opportunities on a Family Stay in Eighteenth-century Bath,
Gerrit Berenike Heiter Reconstructing a Second Half of the 18th Century Country Dance Repertoire in Connection with the Central German Provincial Court of the Schönburg-Waldenburg,
Christine Bayle with John Whitelaw A Baroque Body, What the Hell is That?,
Tiziana Leucci Between Europe, India, Java and America: Sharing and Migration of Dance Styles in Jean Cébron’s Choreographic and Pedagogical Systems,
Anne Daye Finding our Footing: a discussion of the evidence for a social dance step vernacular to these islands,
Uta Dorothea Sauer The Method of Émile Jaques-Dalcroze and its consequences for Modern Dance Development,
Susan de Guardiola Les Ronds Extraordinaires: Unconventional Opening Changes in the Late 18th Century French Contredanse,
Klaus Abromeit Copy Callot,
Larraine Nicholas On the Appeal of Authenticity: The Dance of the Seven veils in Early 20th century London,
Alena Shmakova & Mats Mellin Exploring Jacobite themes in Scottish country dance collections of the 18th century,
Lisa Fusillo Uncovering Hidden Histories in American Popular Social Dances 1900-1930s,
Bill Tuck Curious Conjunctions: The interwoven lives of Cecil Sharp, Isadora Duncan and Ralph Vaughan Williams 1910-1930,

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Perception and Reception of Early Dance

Proceedings of the EDC Biennial Conference in May 2018 at St Katharine’s, Frieth (eds. Barbara Segal & Sharon Butler, intro. Bill Tuck, layout Michele Odell) (paperback, iii + 189 pp)

ISBN 978-0-9553532-9-1 [Also available via Amazon]

Bill Tuck Introduction
Gloria Giordano Perception and Reception in the Reconstruction of the ballet “Martel d’Amore” from Lione Tolosa to Barbara Sparti.,
Charlotte Ewart The Estampies: should we accept the current perception?
Hazel Dennison Vercepe Observed, Vercepe Obscured, Vercepe Illuminated.
Paul Cooper The Waltz in England c1790 – c1820.
Sharon Butler Sport and Dance in 1599: Arcangelo Tucarro’s “Trois Dialogues de l’exercice de sauter, et voltiger en l’air”
Christine Bayle The Marriage (or Divorce) of Music and Dance?
Edith Lalonger The Ballet Figuré in Zoroastre.
Barbara Segal Pantomime in early 18th century London – its Perception & Reception.
Uta Dorothea Sauer The Social Relevance of Noble Dance.
Bill Tuck From Rigaudon to Reggaeton: the perception and reception of  European dance cultures in the Caribbean.
Chica Pilar Montoya The Minué during the reign of Felipe V.
Tiziana Leucci The ‘Moresca’ dance in the Pietro della Valle’s travel accounts of South India (17th century).
Giles Bennett Parallels to English Dancing? The Group Choreographies in “Thomas Morus”, Babenhausen 1688.
Robert Mullally The Reception of Early Music and Early Dance.
Nira Pullin & Bill Wilson The Scandalous Tango – Good or Evil?
  Additional Papers (Abstracts only)

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Terpsichore and her Sisters

Proceedings of a conference held at St Katharine’s, Parmoor, Frieth, Buckinghamshire RG9 6NN on 8-10 April 2016. (paperback, iv + 208 pp)

ISBN 978-0-9553532-7-7 [Also available via Amazon]

Bill Tuck Introduction
Hazel Dennison The Banquet as Performance Art. Talk & Workshop
Petra Dotlacilova Picturing Horror: Sorceresses, Furies and Demons on the French stage from 1650 to 1770
Barbara Segal Dance in Baroque Art: Some Pitfalls of Interpretation
Gerrit Berenike Heiter Aesthetic and Performative Functions of the Mask in French Court Ballet (1573-1681)
Gerrit Berenike Heiter Considerations for the Use of Masks in Baroque Dance
Margaret McGowan Dance’s debt to Artists in Early Modern France
Robert Mullally Flemish Art and Burgundian Dance c. 1470 to c. 1500
Bill Tuck Dance and the Muse of Comedy
Tiziana Leucci Dialoguing with Music, Poetry, Painting and Sculpture in Traditional Indian Dance Training under V S Muthuswami Pillai
Anne Daye The Mystery of The Nyne Muses
Ann & Paul Kent A Realisation of The Nine Muses Dance. Talk & Workshop
Paul Cooper The Science of Country Dancing in the Early 19th Century
Kimiko Okamoto Conflict and Harmony: Dance and Music in Early 18th Century France
Camilla Kandare Queenship in Motion, Social Protocol in the Life of Queen Christina of Sweden
Carola Finkel A Dancing Master for the Horses – Pierre Dubreil and the Equestrian Ballets at the Bavarian Court
Christine Bayle Dance & Drama: “A la Suite de Marin Marais”. Talk & Video
Madli Teller & Ipshita Rajesh Ways in which Travel Influences Dance Creation
Roula Lymniati Making Movements and Dances from Illustrated Dancing Bodies on Vases of the Geometric Period & Ancient Texts. Talk & Workshop
Nira Pullin The Charleston in Relation to the Music
and the 1920’s. Talk & Workshop

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Ballroom, Stage & Village Green: Contexts for Early Dance

(ed. & intro. Barbara Segal and William Tuck, 2015)

Proceedings of a conference held at Prior Park College, Ralph Allen Drive, Bath on 11–13 April 2014. (paperback, iv + 140 pp)

ISBN 978-0-9553532-6-0 [Also available via Amazon]

Bill Tuck & Barbara Segal Introduction
Matthew Spring The Fleming Family’s Dance School at Bath 1750-1800
Georgina Boyes Dancing Spies: Nazi attempts to infiltrate the English folk revival
Barbara Segal “Every Savage can Dance”: dance as a class identifier
Alexandra Kajdanska Dance Customs at Weddings in Gdansk
Isabel Suri Arches and Arcades”, Workshop
Andrea Strassberger The Dance Card Collection in the Vienna Museum, abstract only
Cornelis Vanistendael Shaping Europe’s first dance craze, abstract only
Jennifer Thorp Mrs Elford: stage dancer and teacher in London (1700-1730)
Bill Tuck The Dances in Dioclesian: The Dorset Garden Theatre as performance space
Hannelore Unfried “Alliance Quadrille”: A History Painting with Polka Mazurka Steps
Tiziana Leucci “Le Triomphe de Bacchus dans les Indes” (1666) & Le Triomphe de l’Amour” (1681): Two French court ballets
Anne Daye Seventeenth Century Dance Spaces: the infrastructure
Charlotte Ewart Stones in our Shoes – Performing at Heritage Sites, abstract only
Christine Bayle Reconstructing “La Gillotte” from the MS “Instruction pour dancer”
Hazel Dennison Delizie e Danze: a tangible context for an intangible heritage. Workshop
Jadwiga Nowaczek Reconstructing the Ball Scene in “The Sorrows of Young Werther” by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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Dance & Society

(ed. Barbara Segal and William Tuck, 2012)

Proceedings of a conference held at Farnham Castle, Farnham, Surrey, 16-18 March, 2012 (paperback, iv + 140 pp)

ISBN 978-0-9553532-5-3 [Also available via Amazon]

Bill Tuck & Barbara Segal Introduction
Maxine Horne Early Dance in the ‘Big Society’ Era: making historical dance fit for the 21st century
Barbara Menard Pugliese From Scotch Reel to Western Reel; a Scottish dance becomes American, Abstract only
Clara Rico The minuet in 18th century Spain: a change in cultural identity?
Hazel Dennison Dancing the common man, lecture workshop, abstract only
Jennifer Kiek ‘Full of State and Ancientry’? Tracing the social connections of The Old Measures
Marianna Jasionowska Dance in the life of the Polish Nobility from the 16th to the 18th Centuries
Diana Cruickshank Social Equals – till the music stops
Anne Daye Satyrs and bawds: representing the people in the Stuart masque, Lecture & workshop
Tiziana Leucci Dance in Indian society: temple and courtly traditions, Lecture & Workshop
Jennifer Thorp Murder, theft and wrongful arrest: dancers and crime in the long eighteenth century
Catherine Bowness Forget the crisis and dance; reconstructing Master Treby’s years of dancing and pleasure 1802-1815
Helena Kazárová The Forbidden Kate and the Prague Student: Issues of Nation and Political Context in Social Dances under Maria Theresa Habsburg, Lecture & Workshop
Darren Royston Out of this world: Did the Elizabethan court society really want to dance with the planets?
Madeleine Inglehearn A brilliant appearance of genteel company – Dance and Society in eighteenth-century Yorkshire
Sharon Butler Choreographies of Order and Chaos, Pastoral and Courtly, in Chaucer and Spenser
Bill Tuck Participative theatre and the re-creation of early Stuart masque

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Dance and Heritage: Creation, Re-creation and Recreation

(ed. Barbara Segal and William Tuck, 2010)

Proceedings of a conference held at All Saints Pastoral Centre, St Albans, 20-21 March 2010    (paperback, iv + 140 pp.)

ISBN 978-0-9553532-4-6 [Also available via Amazon]

Barbara Segal & Bill Tuck Introduction
Klaus Abromeit Interpreting the Dances of Gregorio Lambranzi
Jeremy Barlow Picturing the Past: Later illustrations of the dance in the garden from Le roman de la rose (c1230)
Cathie Bowness Past Performance: A review of intentions and outcomes, in three acts -Lecture/Demonstration
Georgina Boyes Featureless flannels and vulgar fichus: Problems of dress in the
English Folk Dance Revival
Michael Bukht Bonnets and Bullshit: the effect of popular and participative culture on the interpretation, understanding and presentation of early dance
Francoise Carter Edgar Allan Poe’s “Hop-Frog” and Le Bal des Sauvages
Anne Daye Early [modern] dance and the genesis of [Early] Modern dance
Moira Goff Deadly Complaisance? Lecture/Demonstration
Tiziana Leucci Théophile Gautier on Maria Taglioni’s creation of the Bayadère
character and the Indian Temple Dancers performing in Paris in 1838
Tiziana Leucci From Dasi Attam to Bharata Natyam: re-definition and re-creation of a South Indian dance style in the first half of the 20th century-Performance
Barbara Kane Looking at Isadora Duncan’s use of Ancient Greek Myth, Muses and Philosophy – Lecture/Demonstration/Workshop.
Jackie Marshall-Ward Dance Alive!
Cecilia Nocilli Recreation of Historical Dance: a Legacy of the Collective Imagination of the Screen
Kimiko Okamoto Two Sisters’ Separate Paths: Early Dance and Early Music in the Age of Postmodernism
Nira Pullin & William Wilson Everybody’s Doin’ It – A Ragtime Workshop
Bill Tuck “Chivalric Humanism” and the role of the basse danse in the
re-creation of a mythic past at the 15thC Burgundian Court
Tomasz Marcin Wrona Court ballet into milky–bar–arts’ times: a Cultural Studies’ view of dance reconstruction

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Dancing Master or Hop Merchant? The role of the dance teacher through the ages

(ed.  Barbara Segal, 2008)

Proceedings of a conference held at St Bride Institute, Fleet Street, London, on 23 February 2008    (paperback, iv + 94 pp.)

ISBN 978-0-9553532-3-9 [Also available via Amazon]

Barbara Segal Introduction
Françoise Carter Changing attitudes to dance through the ages
William Tuck Dancing masters in 15th C. Burgundy
Anne Daye Dance and education in the 17th C. – a report on work in progress
Sydney Anglo Notation of Movement in the Arts of War, Fencing and the Dance
Madeleine Inglehearn Dancing Masters: Professionals or Businessmen?
Jennifer Thorp Scholars and Apprentices: training dancers in London c.1700-1750
Moira Goff The Adroit and Elegant Monsieur Nivelon
Grainne McArdle The Dancing Master in early eighteenth century Dublin
Jeremy Barlow J’ay deffault de la dance. The place of Arbeau’s Orchésographie in histories of western social dance

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Masks, masques and masquerades: a living tradition

(ed. David Wilson, 2006)

Proceedings of a conference held at St Bride Institute, Fleet Street, London, 21 February 2006 (paperback, iv + 42 pp.) ISBN 0 9553532-0-3

ISBN 978-0-9553532-0-8 [Also available via Amazon]

David Wilson Introduction
Yana Zarifi Satyr dance in ancient Greece
Karl Toepfer Masks in the ancient Roman dance theatre
Daniel Tércio Masks and dances in Portuguese history
Anne Daye Masquing vizards
Barbara Sparti The mask in the dance etchings of G. M. Metelli (1634-1718)
Barbara Segal Henrys and Harlequins: masquerade balls in 18th-century England and the subversion of social order
Margaret Coldiron Masked performance in Bali and Japan
Frances Tucker Masks for dancing

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The Great Divide? – the impact of the French Revolution on dance, costume and culture

(ed. David Wilson, 2004)

Proceedings of a conference held at St Bride Institute, Fleet Street, London, 21 February 2004 (paperback, iv + 25 pp.)

ISBN 0-9513640-8-1 [Also available via Amazon]

David Wilson Introduction
Clarissa Campbell Orr The French Revolution as a cultural event
Sarah Nixon Gasyna Looking like Death: dress and allegory at the bals des victimes
Ellis Rogers Changes in the ballroom repertoire initiated by the French Revolution
Elspeth Reed Dancing with Jane Austen
Frances Tucker French and English fashions from the Revolution to the First Empire

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The Restoration of Charles II: public order, theatre and dance

(ed. David Wilson, 2002)

Proceedings of a conference held at Bankside House, London, on 23 February 2002 (paperback, iv + 33 pages).

ISBN 0-9513640-6-5 [Also available via Amazon]

David Wilson Introduction
Roy Sherwood Cromwell’s Merry England
John Miller Back to normal? Government and society in Restoration Norwich
Anne Daye Theatre dance in the private and public domains of Stuart and Commonwealth London, 1625-85
Ann Kent From Coranto to Courante
Jeremy Barlow Mockmusick and survival of antimasque traditions in the Restoration theatre
Moira Goff Shadwell, Saint-André and the curious dancing in Psyche

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Education and Early Dance (ed. David Wilson, 1999)

Proceedings of a conference held at the Royal Society of Arts, London, 27 February 1999 (paperback, vi + 58 pages).

ISBN 0-9513640-5-7 [Also available via Amazon]

John Harland Effects and effectiveness of the teaching of Dance in schools
Mary Collins The Art that All Other Arts Do Approve
Judy Smith Dance teaching packs: guidelines for producers
Anne Bloomfield The dancing children of Clifton Hall
June McKay Blind Dance
Nicola Gaines Early Dance in the preliminary training of children in Classical ballet
Diana Scrivener Setting the stage for Early Dance
Catherine Bowness From goals and scrums to mediaeval drums: conversion in a non-dancing society

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Belinda Quirey and Historical Dance (ed. David Wilson, 1997)

Proceedings of a conference in celebration of the life and work of Belinda Quirey (1912-1996), held at Birkbeck College, London, 5 April 1997 (paperback, iv + 48 pages).

ISBN 0-9513640-3-0 [Also available via Amazon]

Sian Jones Introduction
Phrosso Pfister Belinda Quirey, MBE: glorious eccentric
Anne Daye Historical Dance in Higher Education
Velma Pursehouse The Belinda Quirey Memorial Fund
Ann Hutchinson Guest Belinda Quirey: an appreciation
Diana Cruickshank “We’ve got a carriage!”
Peggy Dixon Historical Dance – past, present and future
Brian Trowell Some memories of Belinda Quirey

Price – £6; P&P on application