Dance Through History -- a free period by period survey of the History of Dance

Early Dance – or Historical Dance, as it is also known – covers all social dancing for which there are surviving records

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English Country Dance at Kensington Palace

Why study dance history at all? The Early Dance Circle and the History of Dance

Recently, attitudes to dance history have shown signs of change. There is a concern for legacy emerging.

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Contretemps at Kensington Palace

Learning the Dances

Dance is for dancing. Practice is just as important as theory and scholarship. Learning to re-create and perform early dances is something that the members of the Early Dance Circle cherish, along with those listed below.

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Anne Deller's Folia d'Espagne EDC Festival 2016

Music for Dancing

Music for dancing is not necessarily the same as music for listening. When organising the music for any performance

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The National Resource Centre for Historical Dance

The National Centre for Historical Dance support the study, re-creation and enjoyment of European dancing as represented in manuscripts and printed books since medieval times

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Regency menswear


The way we dress affects the way we move. For those interested in Early Dance, the wearing of good historical dress

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Character masks ready for one of the workshops.

Where to find out more -- Other sources of information on historical dance

Find out more about sources of early dance information

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A listing of useful resources of early dance online

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