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What is Early Dance?

Historic Dance

Like “early music”, the term “early dance” covers the dancing of a range of historical periods. Early dance (or historical dance) refers to the dances current in Western Europe from the middle ages up to the end of the 20th century. Details of such historical dance can be derived from descriptions in original sources and from careful use of reliable secondary sources. Early dance is a growing area of dance research and of social history. Fresh insights reward those who return to the sources, but historical dance is also an art form and, like early music, invites us to explore interpretations. Its riches still have much to offer us today.

For example, there are no age barriers in historical dance: everyone used to dance and everyone can enjoy the pleasures of social dancing today. Moving in company to beautiful music is a huge pleasure.

Fuller details on early dance are given in our information pages Dance through History.

What is the Early Dance Circle?

The Early Dance Circle (EDC) is a UK charity that aims to promote the enjoyment, performance and study of historical dance in the UK and beyond. Formed in 1984 as an umbrella organisation, it counts individuals and groups, both amateur and professional, among its members. We believe that knowledge of earlier forms of dance helps enrich the cultural life of the UK, by accessing a heritage of international importance that belongs to us all, but has been until recently largely forgotten.

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Join us on the dance floor of history – Learn how to dance Britain’s heritage or help to pass it on

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What can the EDC offer you?

There are many reasons to become a member of the EDC in addition to joining your local historical dance group, especially if you share our passion for early dance. For further information see the Benefits of Membership.

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