The Benefits of Membership

Membership in the Early Dance Circle

Members reap the benefits of their committee’s hard work in organising regular events and other means to share and develop their passion for early dance. Members too are eligible for a range of bursaries and awards.

New Members

If you are considering becoming a new member of the EDC please follow the instructions here.

Renewals and Updating

For membership renewal and updating your contact details see here.

The Early Dance Circular

The Circular contains news, views and reviews about early dance, with comment and debate, as well as previews of forthcoming events. It is sent free to members three times a year – in January, May and September. For information or to propose a submission contact: and mark “FAO Sharon Butler”

Click here to view an example circular

Your Listings on the Early Dance Circle Website and Social Media

Members can list their details on our website. Our Groups and Classes pages offer a description, dates of meetings and contact details.  Our Early Dance Calendar lists special learning days, Weekend and Summer Schools, balls, dances, displays and exhibitions etc. We also welcome items for our News section on the homepage. We use our Social Media to spread the word about Calendar events. Please send your prospective listings to

Access to current research and practice in early dance

The EDC Biennial Conference is key to this aspect of our work. Our Publications, Events and the EDC’s National Research Centre for Historical Dance are all key to this. In our Resources section we provide information and bibliographies on all periods of early dance and now publish a range of papers under the title Research Issues.

Advance notification of events

The three regular mailings made to members each year and email provide publicity material and booking information for numerous early dance events, including those not hosted by EDC.

Discounted prices

Members have access to promotional codes for some public events and also pay less for events organised by the EDC, including the Early Dance Festival, which is held in the autumn each year at different venues around the UK.

Publicity for your events


Insurance cover is available for events mounted for, or in association with, the Early Dance Circle. For advice about insurance, contact