How to Join the Early Dance Circle

All members of the EDC (regardless of which membership option you select below) enjoy the benefits of membership, including full voting rights. This page describes the process for joining the EDC. Please fill out the Membership Form below and send to

MEMBERSHIP FORM: For the Membership Form click here.

Standard Membership: The annual standard membership fee is currently  £20.00.

Concessionary Membership: The concessionary membership is designed to offer help to those on low incomes. The annual concessionary membership fee is currently £12.50.

Couple Membership: This comprises standard membership for both, but with only a single set of papers in all mailings. The annual couple membership fee is currently £30.00.

Group Membership: Group membership offers 8  memberships for £80.00, a considerable saving. Additional members (i.e. beyond the original 8) can be added at £10.00 a head.

Other Options: We are happy to discuss details of membership and payment options further. Please contact us at