All to the Lab – Dance Lab!

EDC collaborates with the Centre for Dance Research (C-DaRE, University of Coventry) for the WEAVE project.

Join COVUNI (Centre for Dance Research, C-DaRE) and the Early Dance Circle (EDC) for the Early Dance LabDay on Friday 3 December ( 10-11.30 GMT). During the event, we explore the work the EDC is doing to promote research and practice of early dance, the content the society is providing for the WEAVE project to submit to Europeana’s digital collections. In addition, we look at how the EDC and the content provided are opening up a conversation about the importance of historical dance and music and its relevance for engagement in historic buildings and other cultural heritage sites.

The LabDay will offer participants the opportunity to learn more about historical dance and join a conversation on the ways in which archival material can be reimagined in a modern context.

The event is free but requires registration. To learn more about the event and to register visit WEAVE LabDay page HERE.

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