An Elizabethan Twelfth Night Revel

Join the glad revellers from Jan 4, 2019 at 6 PM to Jan 6, 2019 at 4 PM.

HalswayAn Elizabethan Twelfth Night Revel: In imitation of the court, the Historical Dance Society will host a Twelfth-tide Masque of Knights and Amazons, supported by three musicians. Your skills as dancer, speaker, singer or musician will be incorporated into the presentation with the social dancing of the revels to follow the masque, and an audience willing to enter into the spirit.

Friday evening: Welcome, dinner, a short introduction to the weekend, then dancing and some party pieces.
Saturday: Dance classes in the morning. Rehearsals and preparation for masque in the afternoon. Presentation in the
Sunday: Talk by Anne Daye: ‘Dancing at Queen Elizabeth’s court through the eyes of Virginio Orsini, Twelfth Night 1600‒
1601’, followed by more dancing (details to be confirmed)

Please direct any queries by email: or tel. 01935 472771.

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