Call for Papers Shakespeare Jahrbuch 157 (2021) “Shakespeare and Dance”

The 2021 volume of Shakespeare Jahrbuch will be a special issue on “Dance”. The editorial board invites essays from a variety of perspectives, including literary studies, cultural history, dance studies and the history of dance, performance studies, adaptation studies etc. Possible topics include:

•    dances and dancing in the plays of Shakespeare and his contemporaries
•    dances on the Shakespearean stage
•    dance in early modern masques
•    dance as a trope in Shakespearean drama and poetry
•    early modern dances (e.g. court dances, jigs etc.)
•    the stage, performance, and the body
•    dance and language and/or the rhetoric of dance
•    dance and gender relations (in Shakespeare’s plays or adaptations of his plays)
•    dance and social hierarchies (in Shakespeare’s plays or adaptations of his plays)
•    Shakespeare as dance, i.e. adaptations of Shakespeare’s plays into dance and ballet
•    dance and/as transcultural adaptation of Shakespeare
•    choreographing Shakespeare / choreographers of Shakespeare adaptations
•    …

For more information, please contact the general editor of Shakespeare Jahrbuch, Sabine Schülting (email: The deadline for submitting articles (of not more than 6000 words) is 31 May 2020.