Here is an idea from Cathie and Steve Bowness to keep fit and train your brain in a small space. 

Sit on a kitchen chair (i.e. not a comfy chair) put a resistance band under one of your feet, hold the band in both hands and pull slightly to add tension.

Play your favourite dance tune and mark the steps lifting your banded leg higher than usual and then pushing the band down to the floor. Simples and doubles have to be done to the side, pulling on the band as you do them.

Then put the band under your other foot and do it all again.

It feels very odd with one leg under tension but Steve’s Parkinson’s exercise teacher devised this seated routine for him when she heard that he used to perform early dance and he says once you get used to the band you will burn off quite a few calories. (You will also keep the family entertained if you fall off the chair!)

NOTE: Exercise bands can be purchased inexpensively online.