Early Dance in Quarantine on International Dance Day, 29 April

The art of dance is one of the earliest and longest-standing forms of entertainment and social bonding. In spite of Covid19, this year let’s celebrate dance as a way for every one of us to relax, learn, get healthy, get moving and have fun…even if we’re blessed with two left feet.

Alena Shmakova invites all early dancers to contact her. She writes: My suggestion is for each of you to film a short video of you practicing some historical dance in isolation. I will put the video together with all participants acknowledged. The aim is to share our favourite pastime with the world (or your friends at least!). The message is to convey our passion for historical dance — how fun, beautiful, elegant, merry, challenging, inclusive and diverse it is. If you are interested and would like to join please let me know. I need about 2 days to make a video. I would like to finish by Monday 27th April and send it for your approval before sharing it with the world. I would need to receive your video by Friday/Saturday (24th/25th of April) at
Regarding the music, I am very tempted to use King Arthur: Come if you Dare’, our Trumpets Sound (1691) by Henry Purcell, but if you have other ideas please let me know at

Some photos below to remind you of how fun, elegant and diverse early dance can be: