Garth Notley & the Early Dance Circle Celebrate Recording Successes

Let’s make some more!

72 new Regency dances are now available to the dancing public and the BBC licensed 6 of the tunes for the BBC Poldark Series, a fine compliment to our music.

CD04 fortunatrioThe six new CDs are selling well on

Twelve Cotillions by Giovanni Gallini, 1770
Country Dances by Thomas Skillern, 1781
Country Dances by Thomas Wilson, 1809-1819
Three Quadrilles by Thomas Wilson, 1817
Country Dances by Thomas Straight, 1779-1784
Twelve Cotillions by James Longman, 1768

The sourcing & recording of these dances has been a long-term goal for Garth, who deserves huge credit for the result. The Early Dance Circle was proud to be able to offer him financial support and advice.

Our joint aim was to advance historic dancing worldwide by making available a lot of new, reliably authentic, music. Garth’s thanks go to everyone who supported his project, the members of the Early Dance Circle for their generous grant and all the other dancers around the world who gave their money and time.

His enthusiasm is still burning brightly, so look out for more CDs to come!