Awards & Bursaries

The Early Dance Circle supports the performance and study of early dance through a number of different means. Please be aware that the Early Dance Circle only funds projects relating to dance styles more than 100 years old. You must be, or become, a member of EDC to receive an award. You can join EDC here.

Please take note of our Mission Statement if you are considering an application. Early Dance Circle Mission Statement

There are 2 funding Awards available, both described below, as well as Bursaries for the practical study of early dance here in the UK.

There is one application form for both the Janet Hauton and the Belinda Quirey grants. Please send your completed form to the EDC Secretary, The form is available in either pdf format EDC Grant Application Form or MS Word format EDC Grant Application Form .

The procedure for applying for an EDC Bursary is explained below.

The Peggy Dixon Award

This award was inaugurated by the EDC in 2006 to celebrate Peggy’s memory and honour those working in the field of early dance. It is presented at the EDC Biennial Conference to reward outstanding services to early dance. The recipient receives an engraved silver salver, held for two years, and a framed certificate to keep.

The Peggy Dixon Award recognises those who may have made contributions to the organisation of events promoting Early Dance (such as festivals, conferences, competitions, etc.) , taught extensively, run performing groups, danced professionally, conducted extensive research and publication or given important administrative assistance to historical dance organisations.

The award is given by the EDC committee, with the advice of its previous recipients.

Who was Peggy Dixon (1921-2005)?
Recipients of the Peggy Dixon Award

Janet Hauton Grants

Janet Hauton, founder of Grantham Danserye, passed away in 2010 after a lifetime devoted to dance. She left a generous sum to the Early Dance Circle to continue her mission to expand and enrich knowledge of and participation in early dance. The Circle offers assistance to worthwhile projects in her name. If you would like further information about past recipients of this award follow the link below. The maximum amount awarded as a Janet Hauton Grant is £3000.

Recipients of Janet Hauton Grants

The Belinda Quirey Memorial Fund

This is a small fund to support those engaged in the scholarly study of early dance. For example, it may provide travel costs, once a paper has been approved for presentation at an EDC Conference. The maximum amount available for an Belinda Quirey Memorial Fund Grant is £250.00 in the first instance.

Who was Belinda Quirey MBE (1912-1996)?
Recipients of Awards from the Belinda Quirey Memorial Fund

Early Dance Circle Bursaries for Extended and Weekend Courses

The EDC wishes to support the excellent training provided by our historical dance experts here in the UK. Thus, we offer financial assistance to students, with both potential and commitment, who may be unable to afford longer, in-depth courses. We also support early dance groups that wish to offer weekend courses to develop dance and performance skills. If you would like to learn more and perhaps apply for a bursary, please follow the link below.