Janet Hauton Grants

Janet Hauton Grants Awarded

March 2019

Sally Petchey: an award towards the publication of her edition of Ignatius Sancho, Dances for a Princess, a previously unknown collection of Cotillions and Country Dances dedicated to The Princess Royal in 1776.

September 2014

Mary Collins: an award towards the filming of 4 dancers over 4 days as part of the preparation of A Plaine & Easie Introduction to Baroque Dance & the Performance of its Music. This publication and its accompanying DVD, CDs and IT programmes, will provide the first truly comprehensive guide to understanding the intrinsic nature of the most popular dance forms of the baroque era.

June 2014

RegencyDances.org: an award to fund the recording of a CD of authentic dance music from the period 1770-1835, Late Georgian to Regency, as outlined in the grant proposal presented by Dr Garth Notley. https://RegencyDances.org. This award has come to fruition, adding a goodly number of Regency dances to those available to historical dancers worldwide. To view and perhaps purchase, see:

Twelve Cotillions by Giovanni Gallini, 1770
Country Dances by Thomas Skillern, 1781
Country Dances by Thomas Wilson, 1809-1819
Three Quadrilles by Thomas Wilson, 1817
Country Dances by Thomas Straight, 1779-1784
Twelve Cotillions by James Longman, 1768

or http://RegencyDances.org/music.php

March 2014

Philippa Waite: an award towards the Telemann Dance Project to produce a CD and booklet of dances, notated in Beauchamp-Feuillet notation, choreographed to the music from Telemann’s wedding suite: Hochzeit-Divertissement. www.ukbaroquedance.com