Jane Austen Dance is featured in Channel 4’s “Regency Cheltenham” with Alice Roberts 5/5/18

Jane Austen Dancers at the EDC Festival

Jane Austen Dancers at the EDC Festival

EDC News has insider info abut this filming, which airs on Saturday May 5th, 8pm, Channel 4!

Sharon Clark tells us that, “At least 20 members of Jane Austen Dancers Bath and Devizes Regency Dancers took part. They provided a costume for Alice Roberts. First of all she was filmed talking to some experts about various artefacts, and during this filming 4 of us stood in the background. We had to pretend to be talking to, and interacting with each other, as if we were at a Regency Ball, but all in silence of course.”

“For the dancing, Alice was partnered with Martin Salter, who explained a little about dance etiquette and then taught her Haste to the Wedding. When she felt confident, we all danced together in a longways set. Inevitably we danced it through several times while they filmed it from different angles.”
“We all had a great time and Alice was fun to work with. Photos are on the way!”
Check out & look out for the programme.