Jennifer Nevile is the EDC Annual Lecturer for 2021

Join us on Zoom 21 February 2021 at 10:00 am GMT to hear Dr Jennifer Nevile speak about Rehearsals, Performance Problems and Audience Reaction in Renaissance Spectacles.

The paper will outline the desire in European courts for great success, and what efforts went into achieving this, before recounting some of the disasters — noise and over-crowding, stage-fright, properties too big to fit into the hall, and even fire. Finally, audience reactions to such disasters are examined, and the effects felt on the dynamics between audience and performers. The lecture promises new insights and considerable entertainment too, with many in the audience perhaps feeling that history all too often repeats itself.

How to Book: Tickets are free via Eventbrite, with a suggested donation of £5 (or more).  You can donate on Eventbrite or by sending a cheque to the The booking link is It is also on our Facebook page or at