Norwich Dancers in Exciting Filming Project

Broadcast & Journalism students Yaran Zhao & Heting Zhang have created a film about Norwich Historical Dance

NHD being filmed at Stranger's Hall, Norwich (Chris Gill)

NHD being filmed at Stranger’s Hall, Norwich (Chris Gill)

Two young Chinese students were captivated by the dancing, the music and the costumes at an NHD event and threw themselves into making a film about the group as part of their studies, with the support of BBC Voices.  They came to classes, interviewed dancers and musicians and, at last, filmed a performance in  the garden at Stranger’s Hall in Norwich. Their only regret was not being able to show “all the  splendid pictures and interviews in the final film”.

Yaran and Heting’s work is now showcased on “Norfolk on Film” at Do take a look at it.