Read the new issue of Dance Research, Volume 36, Issue 2, November, 2018

Ivor Guest and Ann Hutchinson Guest (2)The EDC is proud to welcome this issue of  Dance Research, opening as it does with a tribute to Ivor Guest by Mary Clarke and Clement Crisp. Ivor was for some years one of the Circle’s patrons, along with his wife Ann Hutchinson Guest. We have been lucky to receive their continued support.

The same issue contains a piece by Theresa J Buckland, who has very recently agreed to become one of the Early Dance Circle’s Presidents. Her piece on the waltz, “How the Waltz was Won: Transmutations and the Acquisition of Style in Early English Modern Ballroom Dancing”, follows on from her earlier work on the transmutation of thTheresa Bucklande Victorian waltz into the modern English waltz of the early 1920s. Part Two investigates the role of club and national competitions and exhibition dancers in changing and stabilising a waltz form and style that integrated preferred aspects of both old and new techniques, as advocated by leading waltz advocate and judge, Philip Richardson.

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