Target for today: men’s high fashion in baroque times

Whether it’s blinding buttons, high wigs or just the whole Macaronic look, the gents come in for quite a pasting from the satirists. The country father below can hardly credit that’s his son.

“Yes, in the mid-18th century, “macaroni” was a term pejoratively used to describe someone who we might now refer to as a hipster.

Skinny men wearing tight pants, short coats, flashy shoes, striped socks, fancy canes, and last but not least, their trademark exaggerated wigs flooded the streets of England in the 1760s. The comical caricatures of that age, like the one above, portrayed people from the upper classes of England wearing giant wigs with funny looking miniature tricorn hats on top and thick pigtails attached from behind. Heavily powdered, the wigs often approached half the size of the macaronis themselves.”

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