Taubert’s Anniversary Publication is now available

Gottfried Taubert’s Rechtschaffener Tantzmeister, a magnum opus of almost 1200 pages, was published in Leipzig in 1717. To celebrate its 300-year anniversary, two Taubert conferences were held in Paris and Leipzig, bringing together well-known scholars and Baroque dance practice

specialists. Their contributions have now been collected and published. They contextualize Taubert’s works from a wide spectrum of perspectives in the publication

Hanna Walsdorf/Marie-Thérèse Mourey/Tilden Russell (eds.): Tauberts „Rechtschaffener Tantzmeister“ (Leipzig 1717), Kontexte – Lektüren – Praktiken. Berlin, Frank & Timme, 2019.

Further in formation and a table of contents is available at: