Tea, Talks & Cake: Candles Claret and the Newest French Dances: the Ladies prepare for Queen Anne’s Birthright Ball

Friday 12th October
To mark Queen Anne’s birthday, a candlelit evening ball was held at St James’s Palace, where the Queen’s Maids of honour danced fashionable dances imported from France with courtiers. How did the ladies prepare for these celebrations?  This talk, with Jennifer Thorp of New College Oxford, looks at what they wore, what they danced and how they learned the dances – many of which have survived from the 18th century to today.
At: Townhouse, 5 Fournier Street, E1 6QE at 3pm on Friday 12th October
£10 including a cup of tea and cake
Huguenots of Spitalfields has a packed programme of events to celebrate these remarkable people and share uplifting stories of their tenacity, dedication, courage and the faith which inspired them.
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