The Glory of Lace at your Fingertips – the Cat gets a good look at the Queen

Early dancers of most periods have struggled to find equivalents of the sumptuous lace available in the past. Of course, our pockets are not so deep as the elite dancers of earlier eras. Now we can enjoy the chequered history of this most expensive of luxuries, along with videos and pictures, all available on the website of the Foundation Adriana Marcello in Burano:

Burano is famous for its lace and preserves many ancient traditions. The fading of its skills by the mid-19th century inspired the creation of the Andriana Marcello Foundation. Its mission is to “encourage the art of classic Burano lace and preserve its purity and splendour”. And splendid it is!

Detail of the Balza di Rocchetto by Papa Rezzonico, made by the Lace School of Burano in 1878

Countess Andriana Marcello began her work to preserve and revive Venetian lace-making in 1871 and, eventually, her grandson Count Alessandro Marcello transformed her school into the Foundation that continues its work today.