The History of ‘Blind Dance’ 1986-2002

Dance as a source for all sorts of therapeutic rewards is becoming better and better appreciated. But those of us lucky enough to have seen ‘Blind Dance’ perform have seen a special example.

Junella McKay’s new book, with DVD, tells the inspiring story of a group of blind and visually impaired adults who danced on a one-to-one basis with sighted partners. Historical dance provided a particularly suitable way to develop awareness of spatial and musical patterns. Line dances, couple dances, foursomes and dances for as many as will from a range of periods gave great pleasure not only to the dancers, but also to their various audiences. As a performance group, they were superb.

You can read the whole story, complete with what could be very useful tips, illustrations and video clips. Much of the testimony here to years of learning, sharing and fun could be useful to others.

The book is available through the Early Dance Circle and can be ordered via our Publications page: