The latest issue of Dance Research (36.1) is out NOW

waltz-3418-466e3bfb4d148243d89ce84b3620c934@1xThe latest issue of Dance Research features work by Theresa Buckland, Professor of Dance History and Ethnography in the Department of Dance, University of Roehampton, London. Theresa was recently the keynote speaker at the EDC’s Biennial Conference (May 2018), Proceedings to be published as soon as possible.  Her essay here, “How the Waltz was Won: Transmutations and the Acquisition of Style in Early English Modern Ballroom Dancing. Part One: Waltzing Under Attack”, promises to open a lively discussion in Dance Research.

Other topics range across issues in dance, from patronage to Parisian Music Hall Ballet, and include Cornelis Vanistendael’s piece on “Shaping Europe’s First Dance Craze – The Role of Napoleon’s Grande Armée in the Dissemination of the Quadrille (1795–1815): Case Studies in Cultural Mobility from the Southern Netherlands.” Cornelis too has been a speaker at the EDC Biennial Conference.