You’ve missed it for this year, but remember to book for Easter 2019

dsc01177The 20th Chalemie School of Early Music, Baroque Dance, Commedia and Costume draws to a close today. It’s all over! But the singers, players, dancers, actors and seamstresses will all be back next Easter time. Why not come along? No one who’s been to Chalemie wants to miss it — prime learning and lots of fun and friendship. You can devise your own course, make or repair a costume, dance the evenings away and listen to your talented tutors perform! Congratulations and thanks to Bill Tuck and Barbara Segal for 20 years of hard work offering all these opportunities. Long may it continue!

For information about 2019, contact Chalemie at Easter, 3 Thornhill Square, Islington, London N1 1BQ or email