Day of Talks: Jane Austen & Southampton Spa

The Argyle Rooms, Cruikshank

The Argyle Rooms, Cruikshank

Saturday 1 September 2018, 11 am to 5 pm.

Talks will focus on Jane Austen’s life, works and world, especially the Southampton years.

Jane Austen spent a short time as a child at school in the fashionable seaside town of Southampton, and then 2 years there as an adult before moving to Chawton in 1809. Following success at 2017’s Jane Austen festival in Southampton, this year, the speakers come to Chawton to talk all things Jane, from Gothic horror and putrid throat, to expensive lodgings, celebrities and glitzy balls. This day of talks will give you the opportunity to learn about Jane Austen’s Southampton days, and aspects of local culture that informed her work.

A special mention: don’t miss the talk at 2.40-3.20 The Industry of the Ball Room (Helen McArdle & Paul Cooper): Historic costumier Helen McArdle will let you in on the secrets of the best attire for a Regency Ball, whilst Paul Cooper uncovers the story of the dance industry and explores the etiquette at play in scenes of Assembly Balls and the hunt for Mr Darcy. Both Helen and Paul are members of Hampshire Regency Dancers and Paul is also Treasurer of EDC.

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