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EDC Groups & Societies

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EDC Classes & Teachers

The EDC’s network of partners and members is active across the UK, and in some cases around the world. Most of them are actively seeking new members, and many are available to hire for performances and other events. Some organise activities such as historically themed Balls, most will educate the public at events, some offer tuition, classes and other services. Each of our partners has a public contact address, please do speak with them if you’d like to know more about what they do (or Contact the EDC if you’d like further assistance).

We maintain two lists of contacts: one for Groups and Societies, and one for Classes and Teachers. The Groups and Societies page lists our member organisations, their location and contact details; most of them have a website and email address you can use to contact them directly. The Classes and Teachers page lists those individuals and groups around the country who offer tuition in the various forms of early dance. Many of our partners specialise in a particular period of early dance, others provide multi-period expertise. Many will be thrilled to dance with complete beginners, some might expect existing dance experience from visitors.

The EDC Calendar of Early Dance Events

We also operate a Calendar of early dance activities across the UK, many of our partner organisations list their activities within this shared Calendar. Do take a look for activities near you.

Media Opportunities

A number of our partner organisations will welcome media opportunities. If you want to find an early dance expert for a project, you can Contact the EDC directly and we’ll help you to find a suitable expert.

A Wider Range of Opportunities with the EDC

Perhaps you have no interest in dancing yourself, but you may have skills that our partner organisations will value. Perhaps you can play music for live performances, manage a website, help with filming performances, etc.. The EDC is a charity and most of our partners are not-for-profit organisations, most will warmly welcome your interest and support.