Membership Renewal & Updating Contact Details

The Early Dance Circle’s membership year runs from the 1st of September to the 31st of August the following year. Your membership should be renewed on the 1st of September. Renewing your membership each year is appreciated; it is especially important to do so in advance of our Annual General Meeting (which is usually held in October) if you wish to participate and vote in that process.

Several options are available to renew existing memberships. Renewal forms (with instructions for payment) are sent to members in our July mailing each year. Alternatively you can select one of the options below.

Ways to renew your EDC membership

  1. By Standing Order: this means that your membership will automatically renew on the 1st of September. To arrange a Standing Order please contact and we’ll help you to make those arrangements.
  2. By Cheque through the post: contact and we’ll help you to make those arrangements.
  3. By Paypal: Please use the Paypal button below and select the level of membership you wish to pay for. Members who renew as part of a larger group at the discounted ‘group membership’ rate should organise their renewal through that group. When using Paypal, please do so from the email address known as yours by the EDC. Payments from an unrecognised address wont be recognised as yours.

Making Changes to your Membership Details

If you want to change your membership details then email us at and we’ll assist you in making that change. We will also help you if you want to cancel your membership, though we hope this wont arise.

Becomming an EDC Member

If you are not an existing member of the Early Dance Circle and wish to join then you can follow this link to find the instructions for doing so .

Membership Type