Research Issues: A range of papers to open discussion

The EDC is now offering an ongoing series of papers that aim to open up discussion of aspects of early dance. Please contact our moderator at, if you would like to present a paper or make a contribution to the discussion of any of the papers published below. Let’s build some conversations.

 1. “IN MOVING OR AFTER MOVING?”: the issue of the demi-coupé, by Ian Cutts

Read the pdf here: In moving or after moving

2. Tempo in 15th Century Dance — Why do we…? by Robert Huggett

Read the pdf here: Tempo in 15th Century Dance

3.  Organising a Period Ball, by Christine Rogers

Read the pdf here: Organising a Period Ball

4. Dancing in the Asylum The changing view of ‘dance therapy’ from 1850 to 1910, by Bill Tuck

Read the pdf here: Dancing in the Asylum

5. Why Study Dance History at All? The Early Dance Circle and the History of Dance, by Sharon Butler

Read the pdf here: Why Study Dance History at All?

6. Historical Accounts of the Balls Given for George IV in Edinburgh in August 1822, by Alena Shmakova

Read the pdf here: Historical accounts of the balls given for George IV in Edinburgh in 1822

7. Assemblies and Polite Leisure in East Anglia 1715-1825, by Angela Dain

originally published by the Suffolk Local History Council (SLHC) in the Suffolk Review, new series, 28 (1997)

To read follow the link to the SLHC website